Land Law

Land law and especially disputes over land ownership and boundaries can be a very broad, complex and intimidating prospect. With years of experience in all areas of land law, our solicitors can advise on the best options available to finding a cost effective and pragmatic solution for our clients.

Some of the typical types of dispute we have experience with:

Rights of Way (Easements)
Does a right of way exist? Who has ownership of it? Is it being used correctly? Are maintenance costs shared?

Restrictive Covenants
You may be restricted in terms of how land is used and need these restrictions lifted or modified. Likewise, you may need to apply to enforce similar restrictions on a neighbour.

Disputes over where a boundary begins and ends, overhanging trees or encroaching building extensions. Using part of your land as if it were their own. Unneighbourly conduct such as high noise levels or anti-social behaviour.

Landlords and tenants
What are your rights as a landlord if a tenant causes damage, or has unpaid bills? Similarly what are your rights as a tenant if your landlord does not provide services, for example?

If you live in a leasehold house or flat you may have rights to buy your freehold or a longer lease, or to take over management.

If you would like advice on any of these issues contact our friendly straight-talking team today and we will help resolve your problem as amicably and cost effectively as possible.