Probate / Wills

Our expert team of probate solicitors provide a complete range of expert services both in preparing a Will and helping to administer an estate in the natural event of death.

In the event of a death of a friend or relative, it’s important that their estate is administered correctly. The process of administering the estate depends on whether the deceased has left a Will or not.

Left a Will (Probate)

When the deceased has left a Will, a Grant of Probate must be applied for before any assets belonging to the estate can be collected and administered to the beneficiaries.

No Will (Intestate)

If the deceased did not make a Will, a Grant of Administration must be acquired before the estate can be collected and administered. The assets in this scenario are administered according to the “Rules of Intestacy” which basically provide the order in which family members are entitled to inherit their share of the estate.

It is a fact that 7 out of 10 adults have not prepared a Will. Without one, a range of issues can arise:

  • Children may not be entitled to an inheritance
  • An unmarried partner may have no entitlement to inheritance
  • A surviving spouse is not necessarily entitled to inherit everything
  • The family home may need to be sold

The expert probate solicitors at McCloughan, Gunn & Co. can help create a Will so that your estate is administered exactly how you want it.

For the past two years McCloughan, Gunn & Co. have been involved with’s “Best Will In The World Week” campaign which has been a national success, offering people the opportunity to create a Will or update an existing one at very low consultation fees.

If you need help preparing a Will or have recently lost a friend or relative and would like assistance with the administration of the estate, contact McCloughan, Gunn & Co. now for a consultation.